App Cloner Premium APK Download for Free [100% Working]

The app cloner Premium APK is used to create duplicate applications and profiles so that two similar applications can be run in the android device without facing any issue.

App Cloner Premium APK

The app cloner Premium Apk is an amazing application which helps in creating duplicate profiles and running similar applications without any complexity in the Android device by the user.

It provides special and unique features that are not present in the normal edition of the application with the help of which all the users can access the hide mock location and prevent the screenshots for a specific application.

Also, other essential items like the creation of the multiple clone applications with the help of batch cloning and disabling the permission prompts along with preventing the device single prints from getting copied can be done with the help of this wonderful premium app cloner APK.

In this wonderful article, we will be providing some of the best features which are offered by this wonderful Mod file along with explaining each of them in detail for our wonderful readers.

Key Features of App Cloner Premium APK

The key features of a bi app cloner Premium APK are listed below in the form of bullet points:

  • Clone premium apps
  • Identity and tracking options
  • Privacy options
  • Media option edit features
  • Free premium features

Download App Cloner Premium APK

App Cloner Premium APK
File NameApp Cloner Premium APK
Size14 MB
Required AndroidVaries with Device

Premium Features of App Cloner APK

Now let us have a look at all the key features which we have discussed above in the article is a little bit more detail:

  • Clone Premium Apps

In the free version of the app cloner application, the user cannot learn the premium applications like WhatsApp or Gmail and has to use special applications for each of the apps if you want to run them parallel.

But with the premium version of the app cloner, you can use and clone any application according to your choice without facing any issue or error in the device.

  • Identity and Tracking Options

If the user wants to change or hide the special android ID of the device for any reason, then this wonderful application is just the right option for you.

With the help of this app, the user can also change the Google advertising ID and also the Google service framework ID for getting rid of any unwanted advertisements.

  • Privacy Options

Privacy has been a cause of concern in the majority of the application users present all around the world because of the banking details data stored in the device.

The most popular feature which is offered by this Premium APK is that the user can disable the access to the call logs and contacts for any of the application present in the device.

The user also gets the feature of incognito mode for the applications along with the incognito Keyboard which safeguards you from the data thieves which are present in the world.

  • Media Option Edit Features

The media option edit features help all the users of this Premium Apk to prevent the app from changing the volume or even muting the call while the app is in the foreground.

The user can also change or disable all the activities and transactions which are helping you to save the battery when some of the applications are running in the background of the device.

  • Free Premium Features

The app cloner Premium Apk provides a lot of premium features free of cost which is not the case in the other applications running in the same segment.

This cloner allows the user to perform the task of basic learning in the free version and provides additional security in the premium version.

Other premium features of safeguarding the keyboard and the history of transaction Ids or passwords are also provided in this Premium APK.

Final Word

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etcc.. so comment fast, I will reply. The name of the application isĀ The app cloner Premium Apk is an amazing application which helps in creating duplicate profiles and running similar applications without any complexity in the Android device by the user.

Public Review

Review By - Alpha272
For the people who say this is a scam: they were forced to take the real app cloner off the play store by Google. It is currently available from their official homepage. This app is just for purchasing premium functionality. With that being said; the app cloner itself works absolutely flawlessly for me.
Review By - Cameron Kelley
The best cloning app out there by far. Tons of features and way better compatibility than all the others I’ve tried. One of the absolute best features is the ability to turn on true full-screen immersive mode. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t force any apps on my S10 to not have the black bar at the top, but the app cloner feature works great!

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