Smartwatch APK v1.3.32 Download for Free [100% Working]

Smartwatch APK v1.3.32 Download for Free [100% Working]

Name Smartwatch APK
Publisher fitpro
Version v1.3.32
Size 25 MB
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Updated June 24, 2021
MOD Features Mod

The Smartwatch APK is an Android-based application that helps you to edit the settings and access the interface of the watch using a mobile phone to have control of your phone in the watch and vice versa.

In this informative article, we will be focusing upon the mod features which are provided by the APK along with the frequently asked questions by the people regarding the same.

Smartwatch APK
Smartwatch APK

Smartwatch APK

The Smartwatch APK is an official application that helps in giving you complete control of the watch with the help of an application on the phone so that you can change the settings and the display of the watch.

With this particular application you can control the watch using your mobile screen and at the same time also control the phone features inside the application of the watch as both of them are synced using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi over a network.

Premium Features of Smartwatch APK

Some of the premium features which are offered by this particular application are displayed in the form of bullet points:

  • Screen switching
  • Calorie meter
  • Pick up calls
  • Reply to text messages
  • Style statement
Smartwatch APK

Full Features of Smartwatch Apk

The full features of the Smartwatch APK are listed below along with the brief description:

Screen Switching

The screen switching feature present inside the smartwatch application allows you to get the control of a mobile phone inside the watch or the control of the watch inside the mobile phone so that you can operate both the devices at a single time.

Calorie Meter

The calorimeter present inside the application helps you in getting the complete statistics of your daily routine workout so that you can maintain your health in the best possible manner.

Pick Calls

With the help of this particular Smartwatch and the application, you will be able to pick up the calls directly from the watch instead of using your mobile or tablet so that you can talk to someone while running and keeping your hands free.

Reply Text Messages

You can also reply to different text messages on social media or WhatsApp from your watch by using the smartwatch APK so that the mobile phone which is kept in your pocket needs not to be taken out every time for accessing the same.

Style Statement

Smartwatch is something that will work as a fashion and style statement for you as you will be able to radiate the maximum swag in the environment and at the same time work flawlessly on your assignments.

You will also be able to connect your Smartwatch with other blue tooth devices for gaining the maximum excitement and benefit.


The monthly statistics which give the idea about how many calories have the individual burned, how much distance he or she covered, what was the average width of the footstep and at the same time, the number of text messages and calls received or sent all, of this is recorded using the Smartwatch APK and the combined data is presented on monthly basis inside the application.

Based upon this particular data you can easily set a target for yourself and achieve the best health condition without even working out specifically in the gym and reducing your weight by performing just your daily task.

Smartwatch APK

Final Verdict

Smartwatch APK is a wonderful application for operating the watch using your Android smart device. In this article, we have discussed the premium features like screen switching and calorie meter provided by the application so that our readers will get complete knowledge about this particular APK.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the minimum requirement for operating the smartwatch APK in your device?

The Smartwatch APK can be easily accessed in your Android-based operating system device with a minimum version of Android 4.4 along with 2GB of RAM and a decent processor so that you do not face any lag while using the same.

Is the smartwatch APK compatible with every brand of smartwatches available in the market?

Yes, smartwatch APK is easily compatible with different types of Smartwatches available in the market so that the user can easily sync both of them and enjoy hassle-free calling and text messaging using the watch.

How do the Smartwatch and the smartwatch APK installed in the Android device are linked with each other?

The Smartwatch and the APK are linked with each other using a common network that is provided with the help of either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that both the devices work on a similar page and one can be operated using the other without any problem.


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