Many people in the world love to cook yummy food and are looking to open their restaurant or eating joint but are unable to do so because of the lack of funds and the scarcity of time and resources.

In this article, we will be throwing some light on the premium features offered by this lucrative game and also focus on the whereabouts of this mod APK.

World Chef Mod APK
World Chef Mod APK

World Chef Mod Apk

The World chef mod APK is a cooking game where you are the owner of a small restaurant that you have to expand over the period by accomplishing the orders of the food and exporting the resources which are produced by you.

Generate revenue by selling the dish and exporting them and invest that money in expanding your hotel by placing new tables, new staff, new dishes, and decorating the interior of the hall.

Key Features of World Chef APK

The key features which are offered by World Chef Mod APK are listed below:

  • Prepare Exotic Items
  • Export Your Products
  • Expand the Restaurant
  • Boost the Revenue
  • Provide Customized Services
World Chef Mod APK

Premium Features of World Chef Mod App

Now, let us have a detailed look at the key features offered by the World Chef Mod app:

Prepare Exotic Items

The game offers all the wannabe chefs to prepare their specialty food items, exotic meats, and much more which the customers will like. In this way, you have to make them your permanent customers.

Export Your Products

Become the king of restaurants by exporting your food items and famous raw delicacies to other parts of the city or the country and manage the distribution system effectively for generating a good amount of revenues.

Expand the Restaurant

Expand your restaurant by installing new tables, chairs, and also expanding the floor area so that more customers can be accommodated at a single time. Bring in new business prospects by tying up with food-producing companies.

Boost the Revenue

Constantly try to upscale your business and boost the revenue to get extra point s and coins. Purchase new and latest food processing equipment which can help you in further making the process fast for you.

Provide Customized Services

The customers are always delighted when they feel that they are getting personal attention from the chef f the restaurant. Prepare food items by asking them their likes and dislikes and nurture a good relationship with them.

World Chef Mod APK


The World Chef Mod APK is an online game where the players can run their restaurant and cater to the needs of their customers. The game offers realistic targets and goals with which the players have been able to relate the most.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does the World Chef Mod APK game require high RAM of the device?

The World Chef game can easily run in a device that has around 2 Gb and above RAM. Below this, the player will experience a lag in the game which will ruin the experience.

Is the mod file of the World chef game safe for the device?

Yes, the mod file of the World Chef game is completely safe for all the gamers around the world and is easily compatible with every device.


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